Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jiri Hudler and Stiffler´s Mom

We already knew some 2 months ago that Detroit Red Wings center Jiri Hudler and the model Simona Krainova are a pair, but Denik Sport completely shocked its 97,5% male readers by offering a boulevard-style interview with the couple. It takes you about 3 lines to find out who the boss is in this relationship. Krainova is not only larger and 10 years older than little Jiri, she also manages to limit him to a minimum of speaking time during the whole conversation. A little late for the interview, Krainova enters the restaurant and asks: "Are you from a serious newspaper?" Then turns to Hudler: "Have you already told Mr. Reporter how I am cooking for you?". Later she also claims that Hudler is waving in her direction before face-offs and that playing hockey and modeling have quite a lot in common.

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