Friday, February 8, 2008

David Vyborny to Sparta Praha?

Denik Sport reports in yesterday´s print issue that the 33 year old winger might have signed a contract with reigning czech champion. Denik names Nova, the countries largest private TV station as their source. Vyborny, who already donned a Sparta jersey during the lock-out, calls the Prague based team along with the swiss club Lugano his favourite destination in case of a return from overseas. One advantage for Vyborny (pictured to the left, talking to Godzilla´s shoulder) might be that he could call his coach "dad" with Sparta.

Well, I would not take that too serious. Vyborny still has at least 2 years of quality NHL hockey left, and Sparta management is famous for having a bigger mouth than purse. With a big fat toad named "Nedved" already sitting on Sparta´s budget I have no idea how they want to realize the planned return of Hlinka, Hlavac, Kratena and Chabada.

On the other side, a healthy Vyborny would be a huge help for our crappy national team, who got beaten badly by the finns yesterday...

Here´s the link to the article.

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