Friday, February 8, 2008

David Vyborny to Sparta Praha?

Denik Sport reports in yesterday´s print issue that the 33 year old winger might have signed a contract with reigning czech champion. Denik names Nova, the countries largest private TV station as their source. Vyborny, who already donned a Sparta jersey during the lock-out, calls the Prague based team along with the swiss club Lugano his favourite destination in case of a return from overseas. One advantage for Vyborny (pictured to the left, talking to Godzilla´s shoulder) might be that he could call his coach "dad" with Sparta.

Well, I would not take that too serious. Vyborny still has at least 2 years of quality NHL hockey left, and Sparta management is famous for having a bigger mouth than purse. With a big fat toad named "Nedved" already sitting on Sparta´s budget I have no idea how they want to realize the planned return of Hlinka, Hlavac, Kratena and Chabada.

On the other side, a healthy Vyborny would be a huge help for our crappy national team, who got beaten badly by the finns yesterday...

Here´s the link to the article.

Thursday´s special: Hockey related chick

All your base are belong to: Veronika Chmelirova

The, 20 year old vice miss czech repubic 2007 from Znojmo (they make excellent wine there) has a new lover. Who is the lucky winner? Karlovy Vary forward Milan Prochazka. "Yes, he is my partner" admitted Veronika, who recently made some very nice photos for a famous man´s magazine I have never read or heard of before

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jiri Hudler and Stiffler´s Mom

We already knew some 2 months ago that Detroit Red Wings center Jiri Hudler and the model Simona Krainova are a pair, but Denik Sport completely shocked its 97,5% male readers by offering a boulevard-style interview with the couple. It takes you about 3 lines to find out who the boss is in this relationship. Krainova is not only larger and 10 years older than little Jiri, she also manages to limit him to a minimum of speaking time during the whole conversation. A little late for the interview, Krainova enters the restaurant and asks: "Are you from a serious newspaper?" Then turns to Hudler: "Have you already told Mr. Reporter how I am cooking for you?". Later she also claims that Hudler is waving in her direction before face-offs and that playing hockey and modeling have quite a lot in common.

Team Czech Republic´s roster for the LG Games

Once more, Czech head coach Alois Hadamczik didn´t get the players he wanted for the third Euro Hockey Tour event of the year. Some valuable parts of the team, like Liberec´s Cermak or Ceske Budejovice´s Hrebejk are sidelined by injuries, others seem to try to avoid injuries shortly before Europe´s leagues are heading into the play-offs. Examples are Sparta´s Petr Ton or Mirsolav Blatak (Ufa).


Milan Hnilicka (Ufa, RUS)
Tomas Duba (Sparta Praha)


Vladimir Sicak (HC Mountfield)
Angel Krstev (HC Bili Tygri Liberec)
Tomas Zizka (Slavia Praha)
Marek Cernosek (Sparta Praha)*
Radek Hamr (Kloten, SUI)
Josef Melichar (Linkoeping, SWE)
Petr Caslava (Cerepovec, RUS)
Vaclav Benak (HC Lasselsberger Plzen)*


Pavel Kasparik (HC Bili Tygri Liberec)*
Tomas Kurka (HC Mountfield)*
Jan Hrdina (HV71, SWE)
Jan Marek (Magnitogorsk, RUS)
Zbynek Irgl (Jaroslav, RUS)
Jan Bulis (Chimik, RUS)
Ivan Huml (Mora, SWE)
Tomas Netik (Sparta Praha)
Jakub Klepis (Slavia Praha)
Vaclav Skuhravy (HC Energie Karlovy Vary)
Petr Kumstat (HC Energie Karlovy Vary)
Tomas Rolinek (HC Moeller Pardubice)
Frantisek Lukes (HC Litvinov)*
Peter Jansky (HC Litvinov)*

* Rookies

Friday, February 1, 2008

Jere Karalahti to join Slovan Bratislava

Well, that´s news! According to several sources (, and the Slovan´s official homepage, (where we also learn that Marek Uram has cut his hair...) the team has signed the troubled finnish defenseman for the remainder of the season.
Karalahti´s NHL career ended in 2002, when he was suspended for 6 month for his third violation of the league´s substance abuse policy.

Once more in legal trouble (he could face up to six years in prison for smuggling amphetamines and cocaine from Estonia to Finland) it looks like the skilled defender is trying to get out of the spotlight in his home country by signing with the current leader of the Slovak Extraliga.

Thursday´s special: Hockey related chick

Friday, but who cares. Here´s Nikola Plzakova

You guessed it. Another model. The 22 years old from Cheb was a finalist for the 2005 Miss Czech Republic competition. Her favourite region? Southern Bohemia. Good Girl. So no big surprise that she happens to have a relationship with local hero and Buffalo Sabres winger Ales Kotalik.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Extraliga "trade" deadline ends today

Compared to the last 2 season, we don´t have a lot of movement on the market this year. The moves made in late January aren´t not really trades, trades are mostly made during the regular season. The situation is a little bit different now.
Teams not going anywhere are now offering their best players to teams gearing up for a play-off run. Short term. This helps them to get them off their payroll for the reminder of the season, or even to get in some extra money.

But not all GM´s are willing to take the risk of lending out their best player. What if he gets injured in the play-offs?

One of them is Zlin´s Miroslav Michalovsky: "I have received already several requests regarding Jaroslav Balastik" he says. Other often requested Zlin players are: F Dusan Andrasovsky, D Tomas Kloucek and D Lubomir Vosatko. "I could lend out half of our roster". concludes Michalovsky in the Idnes interview.

Here´s a overview of what happened so far:

D Charlie Cook from HIFK Helsinki to Sparta Praha.

C Miroslav Hlinka from HC Moeller Pardubice to Sparta Praha.

D Jan Novak from Karpat to Slavia Praha.

LW Robert Krajci from Zilina to HC Usti nad Labem.

LW Andrej Podkonicky from Chekhov to HC Bili Tygri Liberec.

Also notably (especially for me):

HC Mountfield Ceske Budejovice has signed winger Petr Sailer and Center Tomas Vak to contract extensions which will keep them until 2010 in town.